Spikey Concept

What is Spikey?

Origins, tool characteristics & the system

Spikey is a self-defense instrument invented by Sifu Sapir Tal, a veteran martial arts teacher. Sifu Sapir has over 30 years’ experience in the martial arts. He is an indoor disciple of grand-master Henry Poo-Yee, in the rare and deadly Southern Mantis Kung Fu system. He has also completed a three-year challenging and grueling service as an infantryman in the Israeli Defense Force. 

Throughout the decades, Sifu Sapir has specialized in teaching practical fighting and self-defense. Among his students and clients are the Israeli Defense Force, private and government security agencies, the Israeli Police, other policing departments worldwide (several in the USA), and of course – everyday people looking for a healthier, happier and safer living experience.

Several of Sifu Sapir’s students have over the years overcome physical assaults on the streets. Many years ago, Sifu Sapir was particularly moved when a teenage student of his managed to beat up a potential rapist with the Kung Fu he had taught her, and escaped unharmed. This event led Sifu Sapir to solemnly consider the dire consequences of such an event had his student not been trained in his effective Kung Fu. He realized that for most people, Kung Fu is too great an investment in time and effort. Average Joe and Plain Jane needed an easier mechanism for guaranteeing personal safety, with a quick learning curve and an almost fail-safe application. Thus, Spikey was born.

Based on Sifu Sapir’s intimate knowledge of the human body, its weaknesses and vital points, Spikey is a fashionable lightweight device that effortlessly fits into every palm and easily hangs on any keychain. Its simplicity and ingenuity enables the common user to almost immediately become effective in wielding it, and reach a decent level of proficiency and skill in its use within a crash-course of only 8 group classes.

Although it is based upon the inventor’s knowledge of Kung Fu, the effective use of Spikey in real life situations does not require any prior knowledge of or experience in the martial arts. Among students of the Spikey System past and present are women ages 15-60. Anyone can perform and apply the Spikey techniques, which are taught in courses worldwide (including at the Israeli Defense Force). Throughout the development process of Spikey, women and their special needs were always in mind, and dozens were consulted and tested the instrument for affirming its compatibility with them.

Fact of the matter is, men are inclined to be stronger than women. In addition to usually having greater muscular mass, they are also likely to feature a greater capacity for physical and psychological brutality, which women seldom have experience with. These two provide innate advantages for the potential assailant. Furthermore, most men have had some training in actually putting violence into practice. Even gentler individuals had been through many fights in their early school years, and the naturally aggressive have probably seen and initiated quite a lot of ‘action’. This fact seems almost arbitrary, but it is actually a form of continuous training in violent behavior and skills – something which few women have exposure to. When men attack, brutality is something they know. For a woman though, this might very well be her first time dealing with such a challenge.

Spikey was designed to answer all of these potential problems:

Force: Each hit or pressure applied with Spikey in your palm would carry several times the force of an empty-handed equivalent. A Spikey strike from a frail woman can hurt several times more than a regular punch from a man.

Surprise: Spikey is built in such way that up to 90% of it can be hidden inside your palm. Only the spines stick out between the fingers. With the added colourful appearance, it can easily be mistaken for a non-threatening toy. When called into action, even you would be surprised by the amount of damage it would deliver!

Technique: Spikey is sold in the context of courses which teach its correct usage. Hence, with this product you also receive the awareness and bodily control that shall make you much more efficient. The lessons in these courses also teach emotional control in dire circumstances and methods of keeping your calm in the midst of an assault.

Spikey is the first self-defense instrument on the market that is backed up by actual specific techniques. As explained earlier, these techniques were borrowed from a very specific type of deadly kung fu, and modified to fit women and their physical threat of rape. Two major problems were solved in the process of modifying Spikey as such:

The movements evolved from the traditional, time-consuming model to a modern, fast-learning routine.

The Kung Fu originally assumed a combat between two relatively equal adversaries. Spikey was modified to a scenario in which the defending party in weaker.

It matters not whether you are left or right handed, with or without a sports background or of any athletic ability, or if you possess good coordination. Spikey is simple enough for anyone to use. However, since it requires some basic nonetheless, it would not benefit a potential assailant even if it were to fall to the wrong hands.

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