Avi Nardia sensei’s Recommend

Avi Nardia sensei describes his positive experiences with the Spikey Tool and the Spikey System

I have been practicing the martial arts for several decades. I primarily teach Israeli KEPAP, hold high-ranking Dan ranks in several Japanese styles and have earned a black belt in BJJ under the Macahdos. When sifu Sapir first handed me the Spikey, initially I was not impressed and put it away for a while. I thought: “Uh, just another self-defense gadget”. A few days later I took it out and decided to examine it more seriously. Working to integrate it into my existing techniques, and exploring its many applications with my students, I realized that I had been severely mistaken with my initial impression of this instrument.

Oftentimes, we veteran martial artists seem to forget that there is more to our skill than just our hands and the oldschool weapons. The value of a uniquely designed tool like the Spikey, is truly priceless. It has many things going for it. The thing is light, easy to carry, and I can take it anywhere. You can pass almost any security check with this tool. I have even walks unto planes and into embassies with it, no problem.  

The Spikey is also extremely useful for those without martial arts training. You can take a person – woman, man, teenager or child, and within a few hours teach them how to use this Spikey quite well. Especially if they have the element of surprise, then the Spikey given them a very high chance of escaping a dangerous encounter. Otherwise, it enhances their power so much that they can face some pretty dire odds. My son and my ex-wide both carry the Spikey, and I am thankful for having gifted it to them.

- Avi Nardi sensei