SPIKEY™ General Characteristics 






SPIKEY™ -  Self defense course for Woman  & Girls

Self defense courses are a product and a method targeting women of all ages. Its purpose is to provide our customers the ability to defend themselves in case of an assault

Target audience: Women of all ages

The course: Self defense for Women

The course will continue through a period of 8 lessons, while each lesson will deal with a different topic

The customer can join at any stage

 :Object of the workshop

The course will supply methods and tools of self-defense against violent assault in general and sexual assault in particular

Every participant will receive a Spikey tool and an explanatory CD.

—            Spikey – women self defense

—            :Program topics

—            Women as victims, psychology and thinking

—            Theory “In the eyes if an assailant”: the aggression of an attacker, statistics and studies – sex offenders

—            Awareness – recognizing potentially dangerous situations, avoiding & proper preparations

—            ”Defenders aggression – “The Switch 

—            !!Never stop till you Get Away—

Details of the rape are designed by the rapist
!and carefully chosen

—            The victim – hair, look, clothing, alertness

—            Location    – The attacker’s choice

—            Time           – All day   24/7 

—            The event   – Drag and submission 

—            :What we need is

—            Easy-to-learn self-defense techniques

—            How to react effectively under stress

—          (“keep the traditional method(stay relax,focus) and simplify the complex (“Real life

—            We will see the proven methods with Spikey-Tec, and how to perceive dangerous situations 

:For Law Enforcement: We teach/Train

Tactical Defense, Personal Bodyguard, Light Weapons, Anti-terror, Guerilla, Intervention and Entry, to different Law enforcement, Army and Special Security Units

We have trained The Israeli correction officers, the Shin-Bet, Law enforcement officers, NYPD, anti-terror and martial artists from all around the world