How To Use The Spikey

How to wield and use the Spikey for female self-defense

This page contains instructions and methods for using the Spikey tool in scenarios more typical to women’s self-defense (as differing to the needs of martial artists, law enforcement officers, etc). None of the information presented on this page or on this website serves to replace the professional instruction of a certified, professional Spikey System instructor. However, the techniques and methods presented herein may save a life if put to use at the right time and in the correct manner. 

Spikey is built to accommodate women’s hands, both in size and in shape. Most of it is held within the palm of your hands while the protruding parts can make contact with a potential assailant. Spikey can be held so firmly by the fingers that no one can snatch it out. Spikey’s inventor, Sifu Sapir Tal,  never recommends his students to carry fire-arms for fear that an assailant might snatch it from the victim’s hands and use it against them. As opposed to a firearm, the Spikey is very difficult to take out of your hand, and is not lethal.


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There are primarily six different metods for using a Spikey. These six methods, most women would intuitively have come to discover on their own with enough experimentation, since the Spikey is meant to be simple and easy to use. However, for the purpose of quickening the learning curve and emphasizing proper technique, these methods shall be detailed here. The six methods for using the Spikey are:

Hitting, Squeezing, Pressing, Whipping, Peeling and Pinching.


Hitting with the Spikey - self defense tool

Spikey is first and foremost a power-enhancer. Hitting with a fist while holding Spikey is packs a strong punch than most adult men. A direct blow to the attacker’s chest with Spikey in you hand will hit him like an electric shockwave, while you won’t feel a thing. The attacker’s body will normally not be able to sustain such a blow and he will be thrown back.

Pressing (poking) With The Spikey - Self Protection Device

Spikey enhances power in pressing as much as it does in hitting. Many attacks unfortunately occur at close range, so hitting is not always possible (you might be hugged or pinned). Under such dire circumstances, Spikey is still very useful. It can be pressed against the assailant’s arm, leg, belly and similar, to produce a big effect and make him let go. There is no need to accuracy or great technique. Whichever one of the ‘spikes’ pushes into the assailant, he will come to regret his actions. 

Whipping with the Spikey Self Defense Product

Spikey is built so it can easily fit into your pocket, and attach to your keychain. By attaching the Spikey to your keychain, it instantly becomes the handle of a ‘miniature whip’ (the keys being the whipping element). The whipping motion is as damaging as it is simple. The jagged keys can literally tear the attacker’s skin, but cannot hurt the Spikey holder if used correctly. Whipping motions should be practiced with care, and preferably not against a live partner. In the video below, the kind women avoid hitting the assailant’s face, for he is a training partner. However in a real-life self-defense scenario, the face would be a prime target for such a motion.

Peeling with the Spikey

With Peeling, you would be using the Spikey to ‘peel’ the assailant’s limbs off you, like you peel off a fruit. It is nearly as easy, when using proper technique. Peeling can be done by any of Spikey’s spikes, but the spike at the back is the best for that sort of job, as any part of the attacker’s body is likely to get caught by it. The peeling motion is intended to remove the disruptive factor from yourself, be it a strangling arm, a hand holding yours, or any other body part. The peeling is achieved by sticking and pulling. 

Pinching with the Spikey tool 

Even though pinching involves small body parts like a finger or an ear lobe, it is effective because you can make your attacker hurt and even bleed. The pinching is done by holding that part of the attacker’s body you want to pinch between the back spike and your thumb. There is no need for force to cause either pain or damage; all you need is intent in your motion. Try it softly on yourself and witness how effective this method is.

Thus far were covered but few of the methods and skills one could acquire by attending a Spikey Course. Our unique and exceptional Spikey System touches upon many more techniques and skills, also covering the psychology of female self-defense and many real-life attack simulation scenarios. All is taught in a friendly, forthcoming and female-oriented atmosphere of learning and cooperation. Contact us at  [email protected] for more information about Spikey Courses near you.

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Sifu Sapir with women at spikey course

Get your Spikey tool today! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE IT

(the tool is bundled with an instructional CD, which includes an owner’s manual and videos)


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