Spikey System for Martial Arts Instructors 

The SPIKEY™ and Spikey System are not martial arts, and are not meant to replace your professional experience, but add to it. They are positively supplemental to what you already know and teach. Spikey provides you with an extra venue for practice, application and instruction. It opens up and widens your school’s target audiences. Furthermore, unlike other training instruments in the martial arts, the Spikey comes attached with a complete business model and course program.

Some people see the Spikey for the first time and think: “Oh, that is just another training instrument. What difference does this one make from the rest I have played with before?”. Well, the answer to that becomes readily evident the moment you put the Spikey in your hand. An experienced, seasoned martial artist would immediately be able to appreciate, that the versatile and ingenious design of the Spikey makes it unlike the rest. Spikey was designed by sifu Sapir Tal – a person with many decades of experience in the arts. Someone who has worked with many styles, and understood well how to craft something that can be of aid with any martial technique.



More so, that Spikey does not require you to reinvent the wheel. It already comes bundles with a compact system for training and teaching. This system of practice and instruction was honed throughout over two decades of experience in teaching its lessons to students worldwide, many of whom were martial artists (a lot of teachers among them), and others who are using martial arts skills on a daily basis (members of law enforcement, bodyguards, correctional facility officers, agents of covert organizations, etc). This system can be taught to a wide variety of students and customers, of various needs and demands. With this SPIKEY System™, you can easily open up your martial arts school and business to many new opportunities.

SPIKEY-Tec offers special certification courses for serious martial arts teachers who are looking to expand their financial horizons and add some useful knowledge to their teaching arsenal. These condensed courses provide the graduating participant with certification to teach the SPIKEY System™ as he pleases. Certification courses are available in Israel and abroad. Within a short period of time, you too can be a licensed Spikey Instructor.      

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Additionally, it is possible to conduct further business with Spikey-Tec by becoming a reseller of Spikey products. This option exists for both Spikey-certified instructors and general martial arts school teachers or owner of martial arts and sports equipment stores.

SPIKEY-Tec has thus far certified teachers from many styles and schools, including Southern Mantis Kung Fu, Wing Chun, BJJ, Krav Maga, KEPAP, Escrima, and more. Spikey-Tec certification courses have been taking place for two decades, in Israel, the USA, Europe and Japan. Spikey-Tec continues to operate worldwide.


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