What makes SPIKEY the better self defense choice


No Hazards

Unlike pepper spray, knives or guns, using SPIKEY, as instructed, carries no substantial threat to the user or the attacker.


Fits All Palm Sizes

Designed to fit all palm sizes. Suitable for women or men.


Everyone can “Spike”s

No prior martial arts experience or fitness level is required. Master this self defense method by watching a 30 min. video.

What People Say About SPIKEY


Spikey is one of the best gifts a woman can buy for herself. It made me feel more secure and gave me piece of mind. I really enjoy practicing self-defense with it. I recommend it to every woman, young and old.  
L. Ofer, 32


I joined Spikey class through a friend. I often thought about how to be able to defend myself and feel confident even when I was walking home alone or riding the bus. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is nothing more important than self-confidence. I arrived to my first class thinking that it would be hard to master the user of spikey and that I need some basic knowledge in Martial Arts. I realized that Spikey is a tool that you can learn quickly how to use, and suddenly you feel much more confidence that you can defend yourself.
– Shira Kokler



The Spikey self-defense training class for female soldiers was excellent. Many soldiers have expressed their interest in Spikey and the special tactics for using it when engaged in a struggle. I highly recommend the Spikey training class for all of our female soldiers -- whether they are in combat or non-combat units.
Cornel S. Moran, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Special Forces