Avi Nardia sensei’s Recommend

Avi Nardia sensei describes his positive experiences with the Spikey Tool and the Spikey System I have been practicing the martial arts for several decades. I primarily teach Israeli KEPAP, hold high-ranking Dan ranks in several Japanese styles and have earned a black belt in BJJ under the Macahdos. When sifu Sapir first handed me [...]

Nofar Barda’s testimony – Spikey for women

Spikey self-defense training changed my life. It provided me with a strong sense of security and accomplishment. Sifu Sapir’s guidance and patient instruction helped me defend myself against a rapist when I was younger. I am eternally thankful to him and to his teachings. I have recommended the Spikey system to countless women I met [...]

IDF Special Forces testimonial

The Spikey self-defense training class for female soldiers was excellent. Many soldiers have expressed their interest in Spikey and the special tactics for using it when engaged in a struggle. I highly recommend the Spikey training class for all of our female soldiers — whether they are in combat or non-combat units. - Colonel S. Moran, [...]

Shira Kokler’s testimony (Spikey for women)

I joined Spikey class after a friend recommended it to me. I often thought about how to be able to defend myself, and how I could feel confident even when I was walking home alone or riding the bus. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is nothing more important to me than self-confidence. [...]

L. Ofer’s testimony (Spikey for women)

practicing self-defense with Spikey Spikey is one of the best gifts a woman can buy for herself. It made me feel more secure and gave me piece of mind. I really enjoy practicing self-defense with it. I recommend it to every woman, young and old.   - L. Ofer, 29