self defense weapon for womenSpikey is one of the best gifts a woman can buy for herself.  It made me feel more secure and gave me piece of mind. I really enjoy practicing self-defense with it. I recommend it to every woman, young and old.” -  L. Ofer, 32

women's self defense tools - recommendation“I joined Spikey class through a friend. I often thought about how to be able to defend myself and feel confident even when I was walking home alone or riding the bus. Finally I came to the conclusion that there is nothing more important than self-confidence. I arrived to my first class thinking that it would be hard to master the user of spikey and that I need some basic knowledge in Martial Arts. I realized that Spikey is a tool that you can learn quickly how to use, and suddenly you feel much more confidence that you can defend yourself.”  - Shira Kokler

“After my attack, I suffered from nightmares and panic attacks and was becoming a recluse. When I got Spikey, it went everywhere with me. I even slept with it.  Spikey helped me regain my confidence and realize that I am not helpless. I know that I can protect myself now. The Spikey training and guidance gave me back the confidence I had lost.” - R. Myers, 19 

pep3“The Spikey self-defense training class for female soldiers was excellent. Many soldiers have expressed their interest in Spikey and the special tactics for using it when engaged in a struggle. I highly recommend the Spikey training class for all of our female soldiers  – whether they are in combat or non-combat units.” - Cornel S. Moran, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Special Forces


“Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the Spikey seminar last Sunday and to let you know what a great class it was! Gal and Sifu Sapir did an awesome job Instructing the class and the hands-on experience was amazing. Actually using Spikey in real life scenarios was so helpful. I could not believe how much it changed my ability to defend myself. Looking forward to the next class.” -  Stav Barda

ReutGarame“I was really surprised to learn how little I know about the psychology of sexual abuse, sexual attack and how many options are available for women to defend themselves against it. Taking Spikey course taught me how to project self-confidence without any previous knowledge of Martial Arts or military training.”  - Reut Garame

MorShnitser“At the beginning I thought I would never be able to defend myself, but now I know I can. The class raised my self-awareness to my behavior in daily situations, I learned a lot how to how to prepare myself for  dangerous situations. It’s amazing to have a tool like Spikey that you can carry easily in your pocket or purse and feel good about walking alone at night. I would recommend to every woman to carry Spikey, it will make you feel safe.” – Mor Shnitzer

“The workshop was really empowering. I feel the skills I learned can protect me in any situation. I look forward to future workshops. I am thinking about taking other classes there. I think all women in the Girlfriends group should attend at least one workshop. Thanks Jane for organizing the workshop. I look forward to future ones!!! ”  - Julie Leisten

“Ladies…this is one class I would highly recommend Everyone and Your daughters to take. I’ve had a dog for the past 15 years who was my protector….this past year I have thought about taking a self-defense class, so I was happy to see Jane organize one. Even though it was a 35 minute drive….Well Worth it!! They taught us how to defend ourselves with this Spikey tool….with only this one class I left feeling more Empowered knowing I can protect myself….Thank You Jane for Safety Knowledge :) ” - Sandy

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