Innovative Apps for Women’s Safety

These days there is an app for everything out there—and women’s personal safety is no exception. Since people are always on their phones, it makes sense that apps have been created to help prevent and address the safety of women. See this comprehensive list of the different types of apps that exist, their features and costs. Having a few of these apps may be the extra protection you need when walking on the street or going on a date with someone you’ve never met.

Cost: Free (includes all features, including premium)
App Description: Choose 6 people to be in your “Circle” then press the Car, Phone, or Chat icons to let one of those people know that you need a ride, want them to call you, or that you need them to text you. You can also press the Danger button, which connects you to a hotline for victims of sexual or domestic abuse. However, this app does not directly alert the authorities.

Cost: Free (includes all features, including premium)
App Description: Allows you to set up a network of important people, or “Guardians”, who can follow you home through GPS. If an emergency comes up, the user can press the app’s alarm and all of the guardians will be alerted of your exact location. There is also a Fake Call feature that makes your phone ring when you want it to. bSafe also records audio and video from your phone in case the police need evidence of a crime.

Cost: Free (1-month premium subscription, $1.99; 1-year premium subscription, $19.99)
App Description: Depending on whether you have the standard or premium service, Guardly can send emergency alerts to your loved ones, 911, and even campus police. You can have up to 15 safety contacts that are easily reachable via conference call and/or private instant messaging. The app has an interface that lets you place an emergency call when your phone is locked, and it allows you to do it much more quickly than you’d normal be able to. It should be noted that many of the app’s best features, including location tracking, sounding an alarm, and sending photos when in distress can only be used when you subscribe to the app’s premium service.

Red Panic Button
Cost: $2.99 ($0.99, to customize the content of the messages it sends)
App Description: When you press the panic button in this app, it alerts all the numbers on your emergency panic list and sends them your location via Google Maps. You can even send a distress message on your Facebook wall and Twitter feed. One aspect of the app even offers Retina display. The app has different features for the iPhone and Android versions.

React mobile
Cost: Free (1-month “Follow Me” subscription, $1.99; 1-year “Follow Me” subscription, $19.99)
App Description: Lets people follow you in real-time if you purchase the premium service. One function of the app allows you to shake your phone to trigger an emergency alert, which turns your phone’s camera on to record what’s going on. Also, SOS alerts via text, email, and Facebook with GPS coordinates can be sent when the user presses the “Shield” button. This is also available only to premium members.

Stay Safe
Cost: $6.99 (no additional costs)
App Description: Set an amount of time in which the GPS tracker in the app will monitor your location and send an emergency text to your contacts if you don’t respond to check-in when the time period is up. Also, if you hit the panic button or enter your personal duress code, an emergency text goes off. However, one issue with the app is that the timer can be indefinitely shut down if the attacker presses the “extend” button.

Cost: Free
App Description: When you are feeling threatened, enter your location into the GPS function along with the situation. If possible, include a picture of the scene or the harasser. Then identify the type of harassment and describe it (who it happened to, what happened, etc). Share your story in greater details in an email to Hollaback and it will be added to their site.

Watch Over Me
Cost: Free (3-month premium subscription, $9.99; 1-year subscription, $23.99)
App Description: Set a time period you want to be watched over for, then tell the app “I’m Safe” when the time is up. If you don’t do this, an emergency alert goes to your contacts via e-mail in the free version, and it will be texted to them in the pay version. You can also alert Facebook friends and Twitter followers (if you want). “Report Crime” feature is available in the paid version… if you want to be a Good Samaritan.

Remember, taking extra safety precautions in order to stay out of danger always makes sense. So take a few minutes to check out and download one or a few of these apps!

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