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Question 1:

I am looking for a small instrument to carry around so I could protect myself. It needs to fit in my pocket, but also be non-lethal and legal, as I do not wish to get in trouble with the law. Will Spikey be a good fit?

Answer 1:

Most certainly, it will! Spikey is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big and sturdy enough to meet most people’s self-defense needs. Having been used by various security forces and intelligence agencies worldwide, rest assured that Spikey can get the job done. Furthermore, it is legal in nearly 100% of states worldwide (including US states), so you will not get in trouble with the law if you carry it. Spikey is additionally designed to be non-lethal if used properly, and does not pose mortal danger unless wielded excessively, despite being more than capable of stopping people in their tracks, inflicting pain and possibly some injuries to potential assailants.

spikey fit in my pocket

Question 2:

I am a self-confident person without fear of strolling down a dark alley or visiting a rough neighbourhood. Should I still be carrying a Spikey? What use will it have for me?

Answer 2:

 The Spikey is a power-enhancer. Whatever strength of character or technical capacity you have with the martial arts, Spikey can make their effects greater.  If you already have self-defense skills, then all the better – Spikey will smoothly integrate with them. In a self-defense scenario, a fist can break, but Spikey cannot. It provides you with the ability to dispatch threats quicker and more efficiently, but is not lethal like a gun or dangerous to the user like tear gas (which can fly in your face with the lightest breeze). When every second counts, Spikey will turn the tables in your favor.

Question 3:

There are many other self-protection devices on the market. What makes Spikey different?

Answer 3:

Nearly all other devices have innate issues. Tear Gas can blow in your face with even the slightest breeze, disarming you rather than the assailant. Likewise, a gun or a taser can be used against you as well. Many of these tools are additionally very dangerous and can seriously maim or kill. While this may save you from an attack, it can lead you to many years of struggling in the court of law, and you might even end up in prison for using them. A lot of these devices are also either illegal to carry, or require a special permit. Spikey on the other hand, is legal in most countries, including the USA. Spikey is inherently non-lethal unless used with extreme malevolent intentions. Unlike many of its ‘competitors’, Spikey fits easily into your hand, and cannot be easily grabbed and used against you. It is lightweight, cheap, simple to operate and does not require a steep learning curve. It is furthermore indestructible in self-defense situations, and unaffected by extreme temperatures (for example, will not explode, melt or malfunction if left in a car during summertime).

Question 4:

I do not have any background in martial arts training. I noticed that every Spikey tool comes bundled with a CD or a DVD, which includes detailed instructional information. Would it be challenging to learn the techniques for using the Spikey?

Answer 4:

The Spikey is extremely easy to use. So easy in fact, that if you wield if and attempt to keep a person away from you with it who is trying to grab you, then you would be likely to succeed even if you did not know what a Spikey was. That being said, the only guarantee for Spikey to work and help protect you when you need it, is to practice its usage. The instructional materials included with each Spikey provide a general outline of the Spikey System. They allow you for instance, to understand how to practice Spikey techniques with a partner, simulating a real-life self-defense scenario. Such simulations and practice sessions are essential for being able to rely upon the Spikey to work when called upon. Any additional study of martial arts techniques and methods under a qualified instructor, will inevitably improve dramatically your understanding of how to better use the Spikey. The type of martial art matters less, as long as it is martially viable, as the Spikey can work flawlessly with countless martial arts technique, from a great variety of styles. Therefore, although you can learn how to wield the Spikey well on your own to an extent, using a partner and practicing regularly, an even better long-term strategy would be to invest in the study of martial arts, to enhance what the Spikey could do for you.






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