A compliance self defense tool like no other!

SPIKEY™ makes a reliable companion for your challenging job as a soldier, policeman, correctional facility officer, a bodyguard, or another professional working in security. Designed as a non-lethal compliance tool, Spikey works by meeting the opponent with angular hardness he cannot resist. It packs a powerful punch. Spikey methods of application are not pain-reliant. Although the pain it brings upon a wrongdoer can be substantial, some people are of course more pain-tolerant than others. However, in our experience and testing in over two decades of working with this tool, even highly pain-tolerant individuals or those under the influence of a substance, were easily subdued with correct usage of this instrument. It is lightweight yet sturdy, tactically-shaped but easily fits into any pocket or attaches to utility belts. It can be used as a keychain, or even be incorporated with other weaponry.

Video examples of usage: 

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 The Spikey instrument comes bundled with a DVD covering the basics of the SPIKEY System™. The tool can also easily be incorporated into any existing body of martial arts knowledge. SPIKEY-Tec also offers specialized courses to meet the needs of the law enforcement and security community. These courses provide you with a diploma of accomplishment. It is also possible for those with experience in the martial arts, to become certified to teach the SPIKEY System™ by undergoing an instructor’s course. Contact us for more details: [email protected] 

Topics for these courses include:

•          Rage-Attack Defenses.

•          Threat-Compliance Situations.

•          Escort Protection in open territory, closed doors and with vehicles.

•          Close Quarter Reactionary Counters

•          Disarming Techniques versus: knife, bat /axe, pistol and gun attacks.

•          Device and Instructional System.

•          Assailant Psychology and working against it.

•          And more.

There is a very wide array of techniques you can use with a Spikey. Punching, smacking, pushing, pressing, squeezing, pinching, scraping, joint-locking, pressure-point hitting, choking and even whipping (as a keychain) and more – these are all covered on the DVD and in our designated courses. Virtually any type of attack can potentially be stopped with the Spikey, including, in extreme conditions, one with an edge weapon or firearm. Unlike other power-enhancers and instruments of self-protection, Spikey is very difficult to take out of your hand once you have grabbed it. Its unique shape and design make it stable and secure. Because it immediately becomes one with the fist, its usage is instinctive and instantaneous, taking place without hesitation or delay.

This tool and its methods been adapted by members of several law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including the Shin-Bet (Israeli FBI), the NYPD, counter-terrorism units, as well as teachers and members of many martial arts schools.




For more information, contact us:  [email protected]

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