Spikey – for security force

Spikey™ Police Compliance Tools Gives Law Enforcement a Hand

Spikey™ is a personal security device that packs a powerful punch and it may be just what law enforcement has been waiting for. Every day, the men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect and serve. Officers must constantly hone their skills to stay one step ahead of criminal minds and their arsenal of weapons. One false move and an officer can end up injured or worse.

Spikey™ is a new device that can give the men and women of law enforcement a much-needed edge when it comes to protecting themselves and the people they have sworn to protect.

The ultra-light, ultra-simple little tool utilizes natural human pressure points to cause discomfort, such that an individual being threatened has the ability to disarm and cause pain sufficient to make even a large assailant desist an attack. Virtually any type of attack can be stopped with the Spikey, including, in extreme conditions, one with an edge weapon or firearm. Using hitting, pinching, pressing/poking, and “scraping” motions described fully in the included DVD, the owner can utilize the Spikey to cause an assailant to drop to the ground, lose his weapon, let go of clothing or the body, or even follow the user in any direction he or she deems necessary.

Developed for and being used by police forces the world over, the Spikey is clearly the successor to the baton, and the next logical step in non-lethal self-defense.

Tactical defense training and use of Spikey-Tec in real-world situations can create self confident officers. Tactical replication situations and drills bring real-world experience to the classroom.

Trainee learn how to handle close quarter, face-to-face assaults by controlling their position and level of awareness and by acquiring the ability to react, respond and intercept the attack at its initial inception.
Using Spikey will minimize trainee response time and leverage their control on the scene,

Officers learn to use their instincts, to focus their thoughts in potentially uncontrolled dangerous situations, and to react effectively within a fraction of a second and gain back control over the scene.

Note: This program has been adapted by NYPD, Israel General Security Services, Corrections, and other Law Enforcement Trainers around the world.

Topics of course include:

•          Rage-Attack Defenses

•          Close Quarter Reactionary Counters

•          Disarming Techniques versus: knife, bat /axe pistol and gun attacks

•          Device and Instructional System.

We also teach: Tactical Defense, Personal Bodyguard, Light Weapons, Anti-terror, Guerilla Intervention, and Entry, to different Law enforcement, special army and security units.

 Collaboration with    

We have trained The Israeli correction officers, the Shin-Bet, Law Enforcement officers, NYPD, Anti-Terror, and Martial Artists from all around the world.

Seminars are being held (to the public and security forces) for training in the most effective use of the devise.

The Spikey-Tec™ Self-Defense training is beneficial for every Law Enforcement Officer Professional. These techniques are simple-to-learn and easy to apply in real life situations. The Spikey Tec™ Self Defense techniques are very effective.

The Spikey™ Law Enforcement Compliance Tools comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and a Training DVD with defense tactics & techniques.

The DVD clearly outlines and explains the five basic ways to use the Spikey. Each technique will provide you with new coping method.

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