The Founder and Inventor of SPIKEY™

Spikey-Tec™ is  based on several  martial arts  techniques such as  Kung Fu, Krav Maga and more. Sifu, Tal Sapir, the visionary behind SPIKEY  optimized the techniques to fit the tool and made it easy and quick to learn.

  • Sifu -Sapir Tal Director of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu –Israel under GM Henry Poo Yee.
  • Inventor of SPIKEY and the SPIKEY method for Women and Law Enforcement.

Trainer of Trainers – Martial Artists around the world.

    • Head of Self Defense & Hand Held Weapons Department at The Wingate Institute, Israel.
    • Sifu trains Police, Correction facilities and Military.
    • Women’s Self Defense courses and lectures
    • Israel Defense Ministry has presented courses on SPIKEY self defense.
    • Sifu trains elite Israeli military units that specialize in Counter Terrorism and Drastic Crime Units — “Gidonim 33″, Lotar, General Security Service.
    • In Israel, U.S.A, Europe, Japan, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                           

      The development of Spikey

      The idea of Spikey occurred to Sifu Sapir after one of his female students was attacked. Fortunately, she succeeded in overpowering her attacker and getting away but the incident raised his awareness of the vulnerability of those who have not been trained in any type of self defense method.

      The development of Spikey is a result of collaboration with women, police, military, correction facilities and the General Security Service (Shin-Bet). After researching the matter in depth, Sifu Sapir found that women are fearful of using devices such as knives, tear gas and shockers, with the thought that these could be turned against them, that they are complicated to use and are violent.

      The lengths and shape of Spikey’s tips were calculated specifically in order to avoid penetration of sensitive places in the body on impact. Spikey was designed for multi-direction power impact and is almost impossible to expel from one’s hand. In addition, Spikey is not dangerous to children who may be playing with it.

      Spikey is innocent looking and has many different uses as illustrated in the accompanying DVD. Spikey has no “finger rings” as one would find on a brass knuckle or similar devices.  Thus the fingers of the user are safer and it is easier release one’s grip if the need arises. This design also enables Spikey to be used with an open hand action, for grabbing, pinching etc.

    • Spikey Open Grip
    • Spikey fingers grab


  • Spikey Open grip
  • Spikey Round TopSpikey Reverse Grip