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SPIKEY™ is a small, covert yet fashionable device, meant to help women feel secure and defend themselves. It requires very little training, and in some situations can be used to fend-off potential assailants even with no prior training at all. The Spikey comes packaged with an instructional CD, which covers what you need to know about how to defend yourself against a threat, whether with the Spikey or without it. Women interested in more personal, hands-on self-defense training, can contact us and take a short Spikey course.

The Spikey was designed to accommodate a woman’s hands, both in size and in shape. It is hand-held, and fits so well that it is nearly impossible to take it away from you once you have decided to use it. It is extremely sturdy and very unlikely to break in self-defense situations (one could hardly nudge it with a hammer!).

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The Spikey borrows its name from its ‘spikes’, which protrude out of your hand as you grab it. These spikes are thick and with rounded edges, so to make it non-lethal under normal conditions (so you will not be at risk of severely injuring or killing someone). However, these spikes can cause a lot of pain to a potential wrongdoer who seeks to harm you. When these sturdy spikes are in your hand, the power behind your defensive movements is increased several times over! Even a 250-pound black belt can be forced to release a victim with SPIKEY™.

Spikey was made to look casual and fashionable, is lightweight, and doubles as a keychain if you wish. It cannot cause you any unintended injury, and will not harm anyone unless you decide to intentionally wield it to defend yourself. It comes in various designs and colours, to suit your personal expression and match your style. 

 Proven in Real Life

SPIKEY™ is not just a self defense device; it is a comprehensive protection system that can be used by any woman. With effective, easy-to-learn, self-defense techniques and “real life” proven methods, SPIKEY™  users learn to detect dangerous situations and to react under stress. Learning SPIKEY™ self defense techniques maximizes the possibility of avoiding attacks and of overcoming an attacker safely.


Be in control of any situation with SPIKEY™

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(the tool is bundled with an instructional CD, which includes an owner’s manual and videos)


The SPIKEY™ philosophy is about getting you safely out of threatening situations without escalating the altercation. You stay safe by taking control. No need to engage in intimidating, violent or invasive tactics that could easily go dangerously wrong. SPIKEY™ is a non-invasive compliance tool that anyone can use. Easily learn how to use it and gain the confidence of knowing you can achieve control over an aggressor. With a few simple steps, your opponent will be forced to stop his attack.


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In the pictures:  Sifu Sapir instructing women during a Spikey Courses