spikey self defense tool for security forces and law enforcement 

SPIKEY ™ ENFORCER: For Law Enforcement, Security, Martial Artists and Military

Military Grade. 
Recommended for professionals, law enforcement officers and wherever compliance techniques are required.


Product Description

If you do not know what Spikey is, READ HERE FIRST.

The SPIKEY™ ENFORCER package was made especially for self-protection professionals:  Law Enforcement members, Correctional Facility officers, Military personnel, bodyguards and martial artists. It provides such professionals with a unique edge in their trade and on their missions.

When you purchase a Spikey ENFORCER package, you will be shipped our trustworthy and time-tested Spikey tool, alongside an instructional DVD. The Spikey is lightweight, but bears enough heft and sturdiness to withstand the toughest of challenges. Under most tactical conditions it is very difficult to pull out of one’s hand, and indestructible. It can be attached to utility belts or firearms, fits into any pocket, and has been demonstrated to subdue even the most rugged of assailants or suspects. The instructional DVD includes a practical short-course on the Spikey System, and is narrated with demonstrations by Spikey-Tec founder sifu Sapir Tal, and Lakan Oscar Lopez, the latter a former police officer with over two decades of experience on the street. This makes a duo of two professionals who have worked with special law enforcement and military teams worldwide. Among them, sifu Sapir Tal and Lakan Oscar Lopez have over 50 years of martial arts experience to share, and this knowledge they have recorded for you in the form of this Spikey System instructional DVD.

Our complete Spikey Courses offer much more than is available on the DVD. Read more about them HERE


Training with the Spikey tool and Spikey System is best done under the guidance of a certified professional.  Spikey-Tec and Sifu Sapir Tal would not be liable to any physical or mental damages or health issues stemming from incorrect usage of the Spikey Tool or the Spikey System, to the user or to anyone else. Owners of a Spikey Tool bear the sole responsibility for their usage of it under all circumstances. The Spikey tool is intended for self-defense and personal protection only, and it is by no means encouraged or endorsed to use the Spikey tool or the Spikey System for any other purpose, especially not a deed considered illegal where said actions had taken place. 


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