SPIKEY ™ Enforcer

Military Grade. 
Recommended for professionals, law enforcement officers and wherever compliance techniques are required.


Product Description

SPIKEY™ Most of the device is held in the palm of the hand so that it is difficult to be removed, grabbed or knocked from the user’s grasp.

SPIKEY ™ -Tec products are specifically designed to meet the demands of tactical solutions required by Security and Law Enforcement Professionals worldwide. The protruding “spikes” will come into contact with the attacker when SPIKEY™ is used. Even a 250-pound black belt can be forced to release a victim with SPIKEY™. Using SPIKEY™ provides the user with the valuable seconds needed to reach safety! SPIKEY™ is a power enhancer. Its name is derived from the five spikes pointing out in different directions. The self defense device is easily carried on a keychain, and is especially designed to avoid injury or skin penetration.


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